Basic Payroll Service

A fully comprehensive payroll service for your nanny.

Nanny with children
When you take on a domestic employee, you become an employer and have to calculate tax and National Insurance for your employee, with all the legal and financial responsibilities that entails.

Whilst not particularly difficult, these are time-consuming and bureaucratic, and unless you are familiar with the details of PAYE, offer many opportunities to make mistakes. HMRC applies penalties even to inexperienced employers who are late with their paperwork and payments.

Why not let us take the headaches out of paying your Nanny, with our low-cost payroll management service?

For a small annual fee (only £144, for monthly pay or £240 for weekly pay, including VAT) you will be able to avoid the many pitfalls associated with running your own PAYE scheme and will be able to rest assured that you are complying fully with all relevant legislation. Your nanny can also be assured that their pay and tax are being properly and promptly calculated and dealt with.

If you currently operate your own payroll or are with another payroll agency you can transfer across to our service at any time. You don’t have to wait until the start of a new tax-year as it’s possible to move everything across mid-year. In addition to our normal registration documents we would just need you to provide us with a P11 working sheet which your current provider should be able to supply you with.

If you’re planning on paying your nanny using childcare vouchers you’ll need her to be registered with Ofsted.  As part of this she’ll need to have liability insurance and will also need to have a valid DBS check.  We do have a liability policy available for nannies which would be sufficient and we can also process the DBS check for you as an additional service.

Our Basic Payroll service includes:

  • Unlimited advice and support
  • HM Revenue PAYE registration
  • All letters and calls to and from HM Revenue dealt with on your behalf
  • Monthly payslips (weekly payslips available at additional cost)
  • RTI online returns
  • Statutory payments (sick & maternity pay)
  • Holiday entitlements
  • P60 and P11d at year end, P45 (when required)
  • Complexities such as nanny-shares and tax allowance splits
  • Employment contract advice and contract specimens

Please note, all employers will need to comply with the Automatic Enrolment rules relating to Workplace Pensions.  With our basic payroll service we can show your chosen pension contributions on the payslip, but it will fall to you to deal with the Pensions Regulator and the management of the pension scheme with your chosen provider.  For a more comprehensive pension service, please see our other services detailed below.

Standard Payroll & Pension Service

Our complete payroll and pension package

Our standard payroll and pension service includes all the benefits of the basic payroll service and additionally includes a full pension service.

Nanny employedWith our pension service we deal with the initial registration of the pension with NEST (our chosen provider), handle the set up with the Pensions Regulator and then manage your pension requirement on an ongoing basis.

In most cases this will include automatically enrolling the nanny into your new pension scheme, calculating the pension contributions and showing these on the payslip and then instructing the pension provider to take these contributions from you by Direct Debit.  Once our pension service is in operation all you will need to do is to keep us informed of any changes as the rest is handled by us.

Premium Payroll & Pension Service

Includes tailored contracts, just for you.

Nanny signing contract
With the Premium payroll and pension service we include everything listed above for the Standard payroll and pension service as well as a comprehensive contract tailoring service.

We will establish your exact requirements and produce a contract of employment to review.  We can accommodate everything from basic full-time employment through to complicated nannyshares and annualised agreements.

If adjustments are required we will advise on relevant employment laws and issue revised drafts until you are happy and ready to sign with your employee.  If a new contract is required for a replacement employee this is included at no extra cost and contract amendments or side letters are available on request during the employment.

Finding a nanny


If you’re still in the process of finding a nanny we can recommend using our partner:

STAR Childcare

STAR is an online platform where parents and local childcare providers can get in touch in an effective way through private messaging.

They have created a community where people who look after and care about children can connect simply and securely without the time and costs associated by a third party. They also provide useful hints and tips to help support parents and childcare providers, throughout the process and afterwards, and provide exclusive offers for their members.